Foam Rolling was developed as a self massage (myofascial release) technique. Imagine tenderising a steak prior to cooking!
Foam Rolling encourages muscles to relax therefore improving flexibility and reducing risk of common muscle strains.
All techniques should be performed slowly and controlled. Start easy and build up to the advanced techniques.
Mild discomfort is expected but it should not be painful.

*Please refrain from Foam Rolling the IT band. For further advice/instructions, please consult your therapist.

Available at A Class Above Clinic:
Trigger Point Foam Rollers - £20
Smooth 10cm Rollers - £30

Foam Rolling Technique To The Quadriceps (Front Of Thigh)

Double Leg - Easy
Single Leg - Advanced

Foam Rolling Technique For The Hamstring Muscle Group

Roll From Underneath The Gluteal Fold To The Back Of The Knee
Single Leg - Easy. For Advanced Technique, Cross Your Resting Leg Over To Add Extra Weight

Foam Rolling Technique For The Gastrocnemius & Soleus Muscles (Calves)

Single Leg - Easy
Cross Resting Leg Over For Advanced Technique

Foam Rolling Technique For The Glutes (Buttocks)

Double Glutes - Easy
Single Glute - Advanced Technique

Foam Rolling Techniques For The Back

Using A Smooth (10cm Diameter) Roller For This Keep Shoulders Forward For Smooth Rolling Technique For The Back Muscles



Stretches can be effective for reducing risk of muscle strain injuries.
Benefits of stretching are:
*Improved circulation
*Improved flexibility
*Improved range of movement (ROM) in joints
All stretches should be performed slowly, and under control.
Hold each stretch for 30-60 seconds aiming to increase the stretch throughout the hold, similar to that of yoga.
Stretching should not be painful, but mild discomfort may be experienced to begin with which should ease throughout the stretch.

If in doubt please consult your therapist for further advice/instructions.

Available at A Class Above Clinic:
Mini bands assorted resistance ranging from £5-£7

Stretches For The Forearm

Fingers Pointing Downwards - Stretching The Extensors On Top Of Forearm

Fingers Pointing Upwards - Stretching Flexor Muscles Underneath Forearm

Seated Stretch For Gluteals (Buttocks)

Aim To Draw The Knee To The Opposite Shoulder While Turning The Body For That Extra Stretch

Stretch For The Hamstring And Gastrocnemius Muscles (Rear Of Leg)

Advanced Technique - Lean Further Forwards Or Point Toes Upwards

Stretch For The Hip Flexors (PSOAS)

Gently Lunge Forward Feeling The Stretch To Front Of Thigh & Hip

Advanced Technique Slowly Take Front Leg Further Forward

Seated Stretch To Open Hip Joint

Gently Press Crossed Knee Downwards For Advanced Technique

Stretch To Upper Back

Adopt A Position Similar To Diving

Reaching Fingers Forwards And Feel Stretch To The Upper Back Area

Stretch & Mobilisation For Lower Back (Lumbar)

Draw Knees To Chest And Gently Rock To Loosen Lumbar Muscles

Roll Knees And Arms In Opposite Directions And Hold

Hyperextension Stretch For Lower Back And Abdominal Region

The Clam

Mini Band Strengthening Exercise For Stabilising Gluteus Medius (Hip/Lower Back Region)

Mini Band Hip Extension & Abduction Exercise Aimed To Strengthen The Hips & Glutes

Mini Band Shoulder Exercise For External Rotation

Aimed At Strengthening Muscles To The Rear (Posterior) Shoulder

Mini Band Deep Squats Aimed To Strengthen Glutes (Buttocks) & Upper Thighs

Lateral Neck Stretch

Pointing Fingers Towards The Floor Keeping Keep Tension On And Gently Take Head Over To Opposite Side To Feel The Stretch In Lateral Neck

Stretch For Posterior (Rear) Shoulder

Place Hand On Base Of Back And Gently Draw The Elbow Forwards For Advanced Stretch

Standing Stretch For Gastrocnemius & Soleus Muscles

Focus On The Rear Leg. Using The Wall Push Heel Down To Floor (To Increase Stretch Take A Step Backwards). Hold For Stretch To Gastrocnemius (Upper Calf). Bring Rear Leg In To Front Heel And Adopt A Sitting Position To Feel The Stretch To Soleus (Lower Calf Muscle)

Stretching Technique For The Quadricep Muscle Group (Front Of Thigh)

Holding The Foot, Aim To Bring Heel Into Your Bottom, Keeping Knees And Hip Aligned

Stretch Can Also Be Performed Standing

Stretching Technique For The Quadricep Muscle Group (Front Of Thigh)

Holding The Foot, Aim To Bring Heel Into Your Bottom, Keeping Knees And Hip Aligned

Stretch Can Also Be Performed Lying Down

The Mini Band Bridge

Aimed To Strengthen Lower Back & Hip Region

Stretch For Tension Across Shoulder Line And Neck (Upper Trapezius)

Squeeze Knees And Depress Shoulders, Pointing Chin Forwards To Increase The Stretch